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“સ્વસ્થસ્ય સ્વાસ્થ્ય રક્ષણમ્ આતુરસ્ય વિકાર પ્રશમનં ચ”



The Ayurved dispensary has been founded in Vikram Samvat 2017, 1961 A.D. It has been started as “MAHANT SHRI NARSINHDASJI BALMUKUNDDASJI NAGARPALIKA AYURVEDIC DAVAKHANU”. Mahant Shri Narsinhdasji Balmukunddasji donated Rs. 15,000/- to start this dispensary.

History of Hospital:

Ayurvedic Medical diagnosis/ treatment is a part of Indian culture. ‘Panchkarma Chikitsa (diagnosis/ treatment)’ is heart of Ayurvedic treatment. Shri Jagannathji Mandir is trying to make propaganda of this type of Ayurvedic treatment. In the year 1961, Mahant Shri Narsinhdasji Balmukunddasji applied for ‘Panchkarma dispensary’ at Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. By seeing the efforts of Mahant Shri Narsinhdasji Balmukunddasji and usage of this type of Ayurvedic treatment, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation gave the permission to Shri Jagannathji Mandir Trust to start the same.

In this modern world of science, as per today’s need, the Trust made modernization of this dispensary so that maximum number of people of society can be benefited from ‘Panchkarma Chikitsa’. The dispensary is well attended by expert Vaidyas (Ayurvedic Doctors) and technicians. The dispensary is serving the people by Ayurvedic treatment with full fledge.

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Dhenu Liv Syrup

A drum brake is a brake in which the friction is caused by a set of shoes

Dhenu Shishu Syrup

It helps in the mental and physical growth of the Child...


It helps in diseases like Anemia, general debility in ulcers,...

Dhenu Kasa Syrup

It helps in chronic cough, cold , Asthma, bronchitis, running nose, chronic

Dhenu Dearmin Syrup

It helps in the treatment of Skin disease. It helps in curing

Dhenu Mutral Syrup

It helps in the treatment of Skin disease. It helps in curing dryness of Skin

Dhenu Roop Cream

It helps to give you a blemish free fair Skin, Flawless skin. It reduces the dryness

Dhenu Ropan Cream

It helps in the treatment of cuts and wounds, Boils, Vaginitis.

Dhenu Darnuffi Cream

It helps in the treatment of Dandruff, Scaly Skin condition

Kamdhenu Ark

It helps in developing immunity against various diseases.